Money allocated for Padma Bridge will be spent, says Planning Minister Kamal

At a press conference on Thursday evening, he said the ministries had been directed to send back within March unutilised funds earmarked for the annual development programmes (ADP).

Asked if the fund earmarked for the Padma Bridge may be sent back, Kamal ruled that out and said work on the bridge was progressing speedily.

“Every single taka allocated for it will be spent,” he said.

The government has earmarked Tk 81 billion for the project in this fiscal – the highest for a single project.

The 6.15 km bridge will connect southern 21 districts with capital Dhaka.

Its construction will cost about Tk 240 billion — about Tk 121.33 billion will be spend on the core structure of the bridge.

It was Awami League’s electoral pledge to complete the project within its term and with Bangladesh’s domestic resources after its government withdrew the World Bank funding request.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has vowed to complete it in four years.

Bridges Minister Obaidul Quader said over 15 percent of the bridge’s work had already been completed.


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