One shirt, two shirt, red shirt, #scishirt! Or, when life hands you sexism in science, make a hashtag.

The Contemplative Mammoth

First, some backstory: On November 12, the Rosetta space probe’s Philae lander was the first spacecraft to land on a comet. During a televised broadcast of the event, ESA project scientist Matt Taylor wore #thatshirt, creating an internet #shirtstorm. I was sympathetic in that I get what Taylor was trying to accomplish in wearing the shirt, though I desperately wish he’d picked a different one. By the time I got around to saying anything about the shirt, Taylor had publicly apologized, and trolls had started harassing women on the internet in full force (for me, it was about 72 hours of nonstop nastiness, though there were some who’ve gotten it much worse than me). I was pretty desperate by the weekend for something positive to come out of this, and in a Twitter discussion with @WhySharksMatter, came up with the idea to have scientists show themselves at work in professionally appropriate, geeky…

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