SciFridays curses those dam “Zombeavers” (2014)

Rooster Illusion

Armory FilmsArmory Films

Baddie – Pollution. Nature doesn’t like it.

Lesson – Dam teenagers.

I’m a terrible horror movie blogger. Not for the same reasons that the internet thinks, but because somehow this little gem of a movie about zombie beavers slipped through my grasp in 2014. In a world full of ridiculous premises and in the wake of Sharknado 2and Tusk, we get zombie beavers.

The premise is simple enough, medical waste gone wrong. The opening jokes three jokes are about abortion, gay relationships and poop respectively. I do not have good fuzzies about this movie yet – which is saying something as I enjoyed Piranha 3D quite a lot and that’s about a porn producer. Our heroines, though, seem pretty standard by horror movie terms. One blonde has just been cheated on, we have our super-sex-friendly brunette bombshell and lastly, the pack leader who has suggested and organized and enforced the…

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